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Welcome to Gamma Stud & Clinic



The stud was the first warmblood horse breeding stud in Indonesia with clinic facilities for artificial insemination of fresh and frozen semen with ultrasonic scanning equipment and full supportive laboratory equipment established by Lena & Aan Lindvig-Mihardja as a family business.

Aan with a background as a professional jockey assistant rider with a diploma in equine sports medicine, equine supplement formulation manufacturer, certified FEI dressage judge, sport horse importer/exporter, horse breeder and chief trainer.

Lena as a mercantile business graduate and licensed real estate broker. Trainer, instructor and equestrian sport athlete.

Our children Gema, Valentina, Naomi and Alexander have always helped us in the daily management of running the stud and kennel with their individual responsibilities.

The stud area covers 1,2 hectares of mountain land raised 1200 m above sea level. Surrounded by protected pine forests with ambient day temperatures of 28 degrees.Night time temperatures goes down to a cool 10-15 degrees. We board 15 horses and breed in average 3 foals per year. Our 24 hours free in/out stable paddock system promotes the most natural and healthy horse management available and the horses love it!

Importing historical first EU stallion to Indonesia from Denmark: Lord Scandic (Markus/Manulette XX).
A significant big built type with a calm temperament out of famous Donnerhall dam sire line.

Importing historical second import from EU to Indonesia consisting of a total 9 warmblood mares and stallions of Danish Warmblood, Hannoverian, Trakehner, Westfalian, Oldenborg and Selle Francais types.
Among these the historical first licensed warmblood stallion imported into Indonesia: UrsternafHvarre (Urprinz/Alexander) from Denmark. Out of the very important Oldenborg dam sire line producing Olympic finalist nr. 12 in Atlanta 1996 UffeKorshøjgård with rider Lars Pedersen (DK), 2 x Danish National Dressage Gold winner.
Startup breeding by artificial insemination as the first in Asia. Clinic facilities with full laboratory equipment and ultrasound scanning equipment.

Startup of historical first Indonesian artificial breeding program from frozen semen from 5 top world class licensed warmblood stallions from Europe: Casir Ask, Lucky Light, World Class, Elmegårdens Fight and Fruhling.

Moving from main street to north-east Lembang area to Maribaya located in the midst of mountainous protected pine forest of Ir. H. Juanda Park, North Dago.

Import of 3 year old stallion license finalist Ringsbo’s Zackxobeat (Blue Hors Zack/Blue Hors Future Cup I) Being out of the best sire line in Europe, it is our hope to improve the breeding of Indonesian warmblood horses for both dressage and jumping with this young and promising stallion.

Equestrian Club

Founded with our mission to teach as many as possible to ride according to the guidelines of the international equestrian federation (FEI), to understand best horsemanship and safety around horses. Our hope is for everybody to enjoy the physical and mental bonding with a horse. To show the ambitious rider how to achieve results in the top of the sport.

After 16 years of fun, successful and enjoyable riding instruction to 500 children and adults the club sold all ponies and horses. We now offer stabling, training and instruction to private owners.

Our present facilities include:

  • 20 x 40 meter riding arena with sand courtand bio friendly draining system
  • 9 big indoor stable boxeswith natural rice hay bedding
  • 6 huge paddocks with free 24hr in/out stables and automated drinking systems from pure mountain water source
  • Daily cleaning of all stables and paddocks.
  • Washing & grooming area with safe non-slip flooring. Capacity of 6 horses simultaneously.
  • In-house boarding for grooms with full meals and accommodation.
  • Bio-friendly design and layout with 7 huge rain reservoirs on stud premises.


  • River, forest & mountain trails are adjacent to the stud premises.
  • Lembang Race Track 3 km
  • Bandung North Dago Hills for up/downhill flatwork 5 km
  • Rubber, Tea and Kinin plantations for cross country flatwork 10 km

Animal Health Care


Racehorse owners had a need for tropical horses supplements with vitamin, mineral and electrolyte formulations. Since then a substantial product research development has been going on at Gamma Stud & Clinic. Especially since the economic crisis hit the country in 1997.Today we are very proud to present our high quality products made for horses and pets in tropical climate. All our ingredients are from the best organic and natural sources available.

  • 7 types of Gamma Horse Feeds made from healthy natural sun cured & dried muesli grains
  • 33 Gamma Horse® care products
  • 11 Gamma Pet® care products
  • Equigear® functional and fashionable horse & rider gear

Tack Shop


We stock a complete range of quality imported and Indonesian made equestrian& racing gear, care products and supplements with shipping service all over Indonesia and abroad.

Shop had online premiere as the first online equestrian shop in Indonesia.

Malinois Kennel


Offers quality breeding males and females of good imported bloodlines proven in the international &national agility sport. The Belgian Malinois Shepherd dog is very suitable for the special tasks of work force for special needs such as guards, police investigation, customs search, Search &Rescue (SAR), military and civilian duties.
The Belgian Malinois is most likely the smartest dog in the world with a slimmer body line than the German Shepherd but almost with the same height. They learn very quickly and are extremely fast. This dog can jump huge obstacles and is very loyal and always close to its handler.

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